Happy birthday Dom! (Vin Diesel)

Tyrese took to his instagram page today to wish Vin Diesel a happy birthday from himself and the late and great Paul Walker. Read the heartfelt message below:

“As close as we are – I have to remind myself over and over that I wouldn’t know you if it wasn’t for Paul and in that spirit WE wanna wish our brother who moves with ALL HEART a Happy Birthday!!!!! Paul went out of his way to make sure that we connected and connected in a real way maybe just maybe he knew something that neither one of us could of ever known was coming……… This brotherhood and our kids being best friends has all made our worlds better on both sides……. Didn’t wanna mess with the excitement and buzz of a birthday but I just had to put things in perspective– A proper introduction that leads to a great friendship and brotherhood IS the gift that keeps on giving….. Happy birthday from me and Paul champion!!!!”

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